Kasiak Research has established a 6000 sq. ft. FDA compliant Research Facility near Mumbai.

This facility contains a small pilot plant for clinical trial batch production with Five cGMP compliant clean room

The facility has been designed to meet the accreditation requirements of regulatory bodies and the Foundation
for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT).

The facility is also in compliance with all other state, national and federal regulatory and licensing requirements.

The clean room space meets the current highest standards for air quality and flow, and is designed for
optimum performance for a range of cell therapies and clinical trial activities.

The IPQC laboratory is fully equipped with Flow Cytometry, Microbiological Testing (Bact/Alert), RT-PCR, ELISA and Fluorescent Microscopy facilities.

The company is planning to establish an Industrial scale production facility near Thane, Maharashtra which is
expected to be operational by 2015.