What is GFC?
GFC is a concoction of growth factors and cytokines derived from platelets. The platelets found in blood are rich in growth factors such as TGF-beta, EGF, PDGF, VEGF and many more, along with bioactive proteins and cytokines that are vital to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration. These growth factors initiate connective tissue healing, bone regeneration and repair, promote development of new blood vessels, and stimulate the wound healing process.

How does GFC help in tissue regeneration?
GFC harnesses the body’s own healing capacity in order to regenerate tissue. Studies show that the GFC components, especially Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF) and TGF beta play an important role in tissue regeneration. These growth factors stimulate healing by promoting skin, collagen and supportive tissue production and even bone re-growth.

In which conditions would GFC be effective?
GFC stimulates regeneration of skin, connective tissue, muscle and bone. GFC can be used for the jaw line and lower-face; neck crinkling; crinkling skin around the eyes; cheeks and mid-face volume loss; re-growth of hair; acne scarring etc. Besides this, GFC can also be used in musculoskeletal conditions such as tendinopathies, burn injuries, non-healing wounds, diabetec foot ulcers and fistulas.

How does GFC compare with steroids and other products?
For orthopaedic indications, cortisone or steroid injections provide temporary relief from pain and inflammation, but may not provide long term healing. The components of GFC heal and strengthen damaged tendons and ligaments. In comparison to Botox, GFC is natural and without any long or short-term side effects and helps in regenerating tissue and collagen synthesis.

What are the potential benefits of treatment?
Patients will see a significant improvement in symptoms, as well as a remarkable return of function. This may eliminate the need for more aggressive treatments such as long-term medication or surgery.
Treatment results vary but once tissue has been regenerated and re-modeled, the benefit is permanent.

Is GFC right for me?
If you have a tendon or ligament injury, or degenerated joints, and traditional methods have not provided lasting relief, then GFC therapy may be the solution. The procedure is less invasive and less expensive than surgery. It may heal tissue with minimal or no scarring, and alleviate further degeneration of the tissues. You can discuss your GFC treatment plan with your physician.

Who is not a candidate for GFC therapy?
Treatment with autologous GFC is generally considered safe in appropriately selected patients. Patients who are anemic and those with thrombocytopenia may be unsuitable candidate for treatment with GFC.
Patients scheduled for GFC therapy are restricted from the use of non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications one week prior to the procedure and for two weeks after treatment. If you have a question about one of your medications, you can check with your physician or call us.

How soon can I go back to regular activities?
GFC therapy helps regenerate skin, tendons and ligaments, but it is not a quick fix. This therapy stimulates the growth of new tissue, requiring time and rehabilitation. Initially the procedure may cause some localized soreness and discomfort at the injection site. In some cases, such as dermatology and hair loss, patient can go back to regular activities immediately, whereas in orthopaedics, you need to give sufficient rest and rehabilitation is necessary before you can go back to regular activities.