For effective tissue regeneration it has been discovered that there is a need for the presence of Growth Factors. Growth factors are biologically active proteins that elicit a specific effect on cells promoting their growth and proliferation. These proteins work in a synchronized and co-dependent manner to promote healing and rejuvenation. With various products out in the market, the search to find a long lasting solution with minimal risks and side effects seemed to be far from over until recently. Kasiak has done extensive research and developed products tailored to different indications, called Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC).

What is GFC?
GFC is a natural, evolving and versatile product which has completely revolutionized the field of regenerative medicine. It exploits the potential of platelets which are present in the blood. Platelets have been shown to play a crucial role in regeneration of damaged tissue and proliferation of cells. Growth factors are present in the granules of these platelets and include Platelet Derived Growth Factor, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Epithelial Growth Factor, Fibroblast Growth Factor, and Transforming Growth Factor-ß among other cytokines and chemokines. They are isolated and purified from an individual’s blood thereby making it a pure protein concoction.

How does GFC work?
Growth factors work together to establish a regenerative trinity which is an interplay between factors including stem cells, biological scaffolds and growth factors. Optimal concentrations of growth factors have been shown to promote proliferation of fibroblast cells as well as mesenchymal stem cells. Induction of collagen and hyaluronic acid production by these cells promoted by Growth factors leads to anti-ageing and wound healing. GFC plays a central role in the regenerative trinity thereby enhancing its mechanism of action to jumpstart a healing and restoration process. GFC can be used in applications such as tendon repair, non-healing wounds, facial rejuvenation and hair growth. Further indications are currently under research.

Salient Features of GFC
•No added chemicals, naturally derived from your own blood.
•Optimum therapeutic levels of biologically active growth factors for each indication
•Consistent growth factor levels leading to consistent clinical outcomes
•Free from antigenic platelets and plasma membranes renders GFC immunologically safe
•Long term stability